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Phone: 0404 305 977
Email: donna@nurturebirthsupport.com.au
Website: www.nurturebirthsupport.com.au

Birth Support

Women have an innate wisdom that gives them the strength and skills to grow, birth and nurture their babies. It is a wisdom that every woman carries, and can tune in to and lean on, especially with the right support from those around her.

Through ante-natal education, good nutrition, proper care of one’s body and the creation of a supportive environment in which to give birth, women and their partners can make childbirth an unforgettable and treasured experience, even when things don’t go exactly to one’s plan.

I support my clients in pregnancy, birth and the post natal period, and am dedicated to helping them achieve the experience they desire. I work within a 50kms radius of Port Fairy, and am happy to consider travelling further by request.

Independent Childbirth Education/Workshops

In my workshops I do not teach a particular program. I instead combine the knowledge that I have gained from many different courses and years of experience to encourage women and their partners to trust their instincts. I am passionate about the need to build inner trust about birth, and for women to open up to birth through physical movement and an active approach to their labour by listening to their bodies. I love to inspire and nurture expectant couples, and encourage them to think outside the square of what most education offers. Planning a birth means different things to different people, and my small classes give you the opportunity to ask questions relevant to your choices, whether they be home birth, birth centre, or public or private hospital. I also offer private childbirth education sessions in clients own homes.

Post Natal Support

I encourage parents to feel empowered in their parenting by following their hearts, and the lead of their baby. By suggesting some daily rhythms for families and babies, teaching an understanding of what is normal infant behaviour and assisting them to tune in to when their babies are tired and/or hungry or not well, I am encouraging parents to trust that they are their babies own experts. Parents know their own baby better than anyone else, and with every family having different needs and daily patterns, my care is specified to you and your baby, and not a text book routine. My role is also to ensure that a mother feels well rested and capable in her mothering, and is taking time to nurture herself as a woman as well as a mother.

Dear Donna,
How blessed we are to have found such a beautiful soul. Your knowledge, strength and lovely warmth helped provide us with the most amazing journey of bringing Archie into the world. Thank you so much for this, and for the amount of amazing support that you provided us post-birth. We are so grateful and hope that you will remain close to us for years to come. Love Jen, Dean and Archie

Dear Donna,
We are so appreciative of the support that you have provided us with. Your love and generosity has strengthened us, and Brinn is thriving with thanks to your support. Tanya, Michael and Brinn xxx

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