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Edna Maloney

Email: edna.maloney@gmail.com


Since the pregnancy and birth of my first daughter during the Spring of 2002 I have felt passionately drawn to assist women in their birthing journeys. Over the years I have supported many women during pregnancy and in birth at home and in hospitals. I have attended and assisted many birth workshops aiming to build more knowledge for myself to assist women to have better and more empowering births.

I enjoy giving massage and facilitating ‘blessingway’ ceremonies (gathering in a sacred setting sharing reflections, support and celebration that is focused on the mother to be).

I have an extensive birth related library and many informative birthing DVDs. I live in Elwood and am currently the mother of three beautiful children. Each of their births has allowed me to gain deeper insight and knowledge in different ways, which I feel blessed to share with other women.

Edna supported and inspired me through my first pregnancy and feel very blessed to have her supporting me again with my second. As an acupuncturist, who also works with pregnancy and birth, I consider Edna to be a wise and knowledgeable colleague.  I value all the training that she has done along with the experience she has gained as a mother of three.  Edna has made deep commitment to supporting woman’s birth journeys and holds presence and space in a sensitive and intuitive way. She shares her extensive resources to assist women to be informed which I have also greatly valued. — Holly Brocklebank

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