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Kerryanne is a trained Homeopath, whose passion is in assisting the emotional process of birth  and motherhood, using homeopathics  in the labour process to assist in those”I cant do it anymore” moments. She has also trained with traditional healers in energy work, drum and chant if you choose to have this aspect added to your birth journey. Her only wish is that you and your baby have the birth you choose, and are able to adapt to what is needed.  From this point of choice and continued choice,  a way forward in grace as a newly birthed  family.

Mohan’s Birth
“I was a bit sick at the beginning of pregnancy but it did fade away, your support with diet and homeopathics really helped. You were there for his birth, it was intense. I’m sure the homeopathics helped me through the panic I felt at times, not to mention the constant hand holding. I was so sure it was going to be like my last birth which had been so traumatic. You were able to look me in the eye even when I was ready to run away and hold me somehow, thankyou for all your help, for sure it would have gone differently without it.

“I couldn’t believe I hadn’t dialated by the time I got to the hospital. Then I could feel Mohan kicking me while I was contracting, I wanted all the drugs I could get but thankfully they wouldn’t give them to me, that was only because you advocated for me and believed in me. Even the hospital Midwife trusted you.

“In just a few short painful hours I was pushing and he came out while I was standing, to the upset of the hospital midwife who wanted me on my back on the bed, thanks again for reminding me thats not what I wanted. He came out like a beautiful slippery blue dolphin.

“In shock again I couldn’t control my body or hold Mohan after they gave me the drug to expel the placenta. Still I am grateful that you were there to hold him through the night. I still can’t believe he didn’t cry, and waited to feed until the morning. I also couldn’t believe how quickly I recovered compared to last time, no tears, no bruising, no forceps, I had energy to spare and could walk around easily, it felt so good that I had next to no interference in the way I birthed my second child.

“In retrospect I think maybe I should of held my kids more after they where born. I know now that I would not allow a managed third stage of labour again, even though they pretty much insisted, because they were worried about the blood loss.  At least I would do more research to be able to have a stronger way of putting my point of view across.

“Nursing was still a painful problem but I did take more control of setting feeding schedules and this helped us get into a better routine. Thank you for taking him on those little walks to spread out feeding times. The Lanolin and the nipple gaurd helped to. Getting in a lactation consultant this time made all the difference. Thanks for all your help and support through difficult times. We couldn’t have done it without you.”


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