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I am the mother to 5 beautiful children, and feel like I have been a mother forever! I could have kept having babies but you have to stop sometime and so the natural progression for me was to become a birth and post natal worker and support women and couples in their own amazing journey into parenthood. I believe my role is to inform couples of their birth choices, but ultimately to emotionally support them in the decisions they make to have their baby and achieve the empowering birth experience they want. I think birth is a transformational experience for a woman and I have watched and supported many women on this journey and feel privileged to be doing this work. I believe that birth is a normal physiological process and that a woman’s body knows exactly how to give birth if she is given time, gentle support and a team around her which creates a safe environment. Originally a registered nurse, my birth work has taken me too many different care settings including birth centres, private and public hospitals and also home births. I live in the N.E. suburbs but am happy to travel to meet couples, either at their homes or an agreed meeting place which is suitable for both of us. I have been privileged to work with families from different cultural, spiritual and religious backgrounds. I am experienced with both calm birth and hypno birthing techniques, supporting women through inductions, c- sections, water births, vbacs, and instrumental deliveries. I believe it is important for couples to spend time and choose the right doula who will support their needs at one of the most intimate times in their lives. Spending time getting to know the partner and informing them of how they can be of support is also really important to me so that we can all work together as a team to achieve the best possible birth experience.

I am also a ‘hands on’ post natal doula ,supporting new mums often not having met them till after they have had their babies. This is a really important time where I am committed to nurturing a new mother and supporting her in any way I can. This may include breast feeding advice, settling, looking after other siblings, cooking and taking care of baby while Mum sleeps. Supporting the mother at this time especially if she does not have adequate family support can lessen the risks of post natal depression.

When I first called Linda to ask her about being my doula, I told her that I was also going to meet another couple of doulas as well so I could then choose the one I thought that was best suited to me. After our meeting, Linda got up to leave and said ‘Darlin, you go ahead and meet the other doulas before you decide anything, it’s very important for you to feel like you’ve chosen the right one for you.’ I looked at her and said… ‘No need. I’ve already chosen and I know you’re the right one!’ and how right I was.  Linda was so supportive, knowledgeable, and had a great sense of humour I knew we were going to get along perfectly.
From our very first meeting Linda was there to answer all our questions. I found her to be so kind and understanding as well as so thorough and informative about everything that was going to happen from pre labour to active labour and through all 3 stages of birth. Linda also provided us with many resources, books, DVD’s and websites where we could continue to broaden our knowledge and understanding of giving birth. The hospital and medical staff only tell you a very small amount of this information, when really there is just so much more that we should be informed about. Linda taught us about the cascade of intervention and about how important it was for mum and baby to have skin to skin as soon as the possible.
She was very clear and made sure we understood that she was there only to assist us in having the birth we wanted to have, and if things changed in the hospital and weren’t going to plan, she was there to discuss all of our options with us so that we could then make an informed decision.
When I look back at my labour and birth, there is no way I can picture it without Linda there. I feel like we gave birth together. I had a very long and active labour and Linda was up and moving around the room with me the whole time. We swayed together when the contractions came and bounced on the birthing ball in between. Linda was there for me the entire time and did not leave my side until after the baby had her first feed and she was comfortable that baby and I were ok.
Linda, I cannot thank you enough! You were amazing! I recommend Linda to everyone who is looking for a positive and empowering birth experience! Miriam, September 2009

Hiring Linda as our Doula after the birth of our 2nd son was the best decision i have ever made.  After having post natal depression in the past and with little family support i was worried about how i would cope being at home with my busy toddler and new baby.  Linda has helped me in many ways from getting sleep to preparing meals and playing with Jack my 3 yr old.  Linda is warm, knowledgable, supportive, practical and brings wonderful energy into our home.  Highly recommended!!
— Michelle Borowski (mum to Jack and Archie)
Jarvis Charlie Roberts – born 5 / 7 / 2009

Having a child is a combination of the most amazing and most physically demanding experiences both parents will ever go through. Linda was our rock. Having Linda with us every step of the way for support, expertise, personal experience and, after 50 odd hours, simply helping us get through the labour was a gift. We will always be in her debt and without a doubt have her attend all the births of our future babies. Freya & Jared

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