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Maternal Instincts: Amberley Harris & Holly Edgar


Phone: 0407 093 953 Amberley
0419 545 597 Holly
Email: amber@maternal-instincts.com.au
Website: www.maternal-instincts.com.au


Maternal Instincts

An holistic preparation program for preconception, pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding

As sisters working in birth, we have witnessed the struggle so many women endure in having their babies. The concept for our business evolved many years ago, as a dream but something we knew was unique and in a field that held nothing quite like it. After gaining experience in our relevant fields, the time has come in our lives to launch this exciting new business.

We have developed Maternal Instincts for all those women out there who aspire to have beautiful births.


Maternal Instincts Philosophy

If you planned to run a Marathon, would you turn up on the day having done no previous training or preparation? Birth is like a Marathon. It needs devoted preparation so you enter into the experience empowered while giving your body the best possible chance of performing as nature intended.

It is likely that we all know someone who within recent years had a difficult or traumatic birth. The reality is birth is becoming an event that is both difficult and traumatic for many women and this number continues to rise. This is not going to improve without conscious effort. Women entering into birth unprepared, scared and fearful will continue to labour poorly, rely heavily on medical technology and come out of birth feeling traumatised, depressed and with little bond between them and their baby.

Like choosing your healthcare provider, we feel our program should also be an essential aspect of your antenatal care. Childbirth education for most couples is limited to covering the bare essentials supported with a hospital system that focuses purely on the medical. We will broaden your antenatal education by going deeper and into far more detail on the aspects that we feel matter the most, many of which are lucky to be touched on through mainstream education. Our philosophy on the childbirth continuum is simple

“Understand your body, trust the process as nature intended and believe whole heartedly in your own maternal instincts”.


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