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Hello magnificent birthing woman,

I am a mother of three beautiful children that I birthed at home, two of which are twin daughters that were born breech in water. I have a special interest in supporting breech births and of course multiple births. I have been attending births for 5 years. I have now attended 8 births. I trained with the Spiritual Midwifery Course with Shivam Rachana in 2005-6. I studied with Rhea Dempsey in 2006 and have totally immersed myself in many forms of women’s work. I facilitate women’s circles and currently co-facilitating a 13 Original Clan Mothers Circle, based upon the teachings of Native American author Jamie Sams. I have attended mainly home births, and will nurture and support women throughout their pregnancy and birth journey whenever they choose as their birth place. As my daughters are still young bubbas, I will support women having their second and subsequent births if they are local to me, or have a special circumstance or urgent need for support. I also facilitate Blessingway Ceremonies and I am more than happy to discuss my personal birthing experiences with those interested in birthing twins at home. I am currently living in Warburton and will work in the Yarra Valley and surrounding areas mainly. Please contact me for more information about my services and we can share our more personal information over a cup of tea.

 “Midwife means to be with woman….this is Simone…
Simone brought an immeasurable presence to our birthing experience. Throughout the pregnancy, Simone held the space for us;offering practical and emotional support whenever it was needed. This translated into a beautiful birthing experience. Simone intuitively knew where i was and stood with me in every moment. It is a rare gift she possesses, conducted with a professional manner and an open heart. I felt totally supported, protected and safe.” Melissa MC Clelland

“Simone is a sensitive and intuitive birth attendant, whose presence is peaceful, yet supportive during birth. Her attention to detail and thoroughness throughout the pregnancy, ensures her familiarity with the aspirations and needs of the birthing mother. Simone is devoted to working with women before, during and after birth, making her holistic approach inspiring to any expecting mother”. Michelle Tumino

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