Rhea Dempsey
Birthing Wisdom

in the media with Beyond the Birth Plan

Avid Reader Book Launch 2020 

interview with Sarah Buckley

Sarah Buckley is in-conversation with Rhea discussing Beyond the Birth Plan: Getting real about pain and power. Can we ever really prepare for motherhood? We learn the practical skills to get us through labour, but what about emotional readiness? What if preparing for labour could equip women psychologically for the challenging experience of birth and beyond?

Seeking Balance

interview with Joel Remenyi


Birth for Human Kind

interview with Annabel

Discussing vulnerability and the psychological aspects of pregnancy and birth.


Nourishing the Mother

interview with Julie & Bridget: Ep278 & 279


ABC Babytalk: Beyond the Birth Plan

interview with Penny Johnston


Sydney Morning Herald – Their birth plan was shattered. In its place came the ‘love bubble’

Jenna Price


How Dads can support their partners during Labour

article featured in KidSpot


How to avoid a traumatic birth (yes, it’s possible)

article featured in Body & Soul


Five minutes with birth educator and counsellor Rhea Dempsey

article featured in Her Canberra



Interview with Jan Ireland coming soon


PPB Media – Birth Trauma Awareness Week

ABC Radio 774

interview with Dave O’Neil

Rhea’s interview with Dave O’Neil 11/11/13

Rhea Dempsey & Dave O'Neil

Parenting by Heart

interview with Pinky McKay

Rhea’s interview with Pinky McKay 19/7/13


Rhea’s book and her work have been featured in a number of magazines:

Dumbo Feather