Rhea Dempsey
Birthing Wisdom

birth attendant training

Through time and across cultures, birthing wisdom has always brought forward women who feel drawn to working with birthing energy; women whose experiences open them to the transformational possibilities of birthing; women whose heart’s calling is to offer support to birthing women.

This nine-month course seeks to honour and support this heart’s calling.


content and structure 2024

(dates set, content subject to change)

Initiatory Weekend – 2nd & 3rd March

Sharing birth stories. Personal reflection on what draws you to this work.

Session 1 –  7th March

Introduction to Course Process

Strengths & Values

‘being with’ & therapeutic presence

Session 2 –  18th April

Physical Process of Birth

Flow of labour. Birth hormones. Active Birth principles.

Session 3 – 16th May

Physical Support

Massage. Acupressure. Robozo. Labour Positions.

Session 4 – 20th June

Psychological Dynamics of Birth I

Mandala process: concept, theory and practical application.

Session 5 – 18th July

Psychological Dynamics of Birth II

How might a woman’s life story resonate in the birth?

Shame. Trauma. Regression.

Session 6 – 15th August

Pain: path to transformation

Crisis of confidence: social/cultural

Physiological vs pathological pain

Session 7 – 19th September

Birth Support Work I

Networking. Peer Support.

Doula Business Issues

Session 8 – 17th October

Birth Support Work II

Working with pain vs pain relief.

Water immersion. Birth Circuit

Session 9 – 21st November

Honouring Meaning of Birth

Birth as ‘rite of passage’.

Archetypes of birth. Healing work.

Session 10 – 5th December

Personal Journey

Ethical issues. Inspiration.

Personal wellbeing & reflection.


The cost is 10 instalments of $380 ($3,800) and is currently located in East Melbourne

(All sessions 9.30am – 5.30pm)


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‘I would like to take the opportunity to formally thank you Rhea. Sitting in the circle with you this year has been a great honour and an absolute pleasure. I have learned a lot about myself and also much about the multi-dimensional aspects of woman. These have been invaluable to me. I am appreciative of your life’s work, and know that you have planted much goodness and integrity, beauty and wisdom in every sharing and teaching seed you have planted deep within the hearts of those that have been awakened to the Birthing Wisdom you provide’ — Simone‘Rhea’s information about wild cards, circles of influence, connection with instincts, archetypal forces, ego dissolution, bio-psycho-social influences, functional, purposeful pain, embracing the intensity and hearing the training groups births and journeys have all helped me piece together mind-body connections. The complex facets of birthing women are a never-ending pool of curiosity and wonderment to me’ — Mary