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Statistically, birthing women who are supported by an experienced birth attendant (sometimes referred to as a ‘doula’) have shorter labours, use less pain-relief medication and have fewer forceps, vacuum or caesarean deliveries.

Research suggests that such continuous support from a woman who is present solely to provide support and is not a member of the birthing woman’s social network, is most beneficial.

With experience at more than 1000 births, Rhea will complement your birth team and enhance your potential for normal physiological birthing.

‘Rhea my heroine, champion of feminine strength … … I’m blown away by all you gave and by how totally amazing this little wonder bundle is’ — Alexandra

‘I absolutely know that you really helped me to find the keys to so many doors within. … not many people these days know where these ancient birth keys are kept’ — Tania

‘When I most needed to be loved and cared for, affirmed and empowered … You, in your gentle way, prodded and poked me into realizing certain parts of my womanhood; into stepping out and unfolding — birthing my baby and myself’ — Talia

‘My clients who work with Rhea are better prepared for the challenges of labour. And those who have her attend their births get to experience her unique presence. Rhea’s wisdom and intuition, derived from decades of support, provides tools to empower, resulting in a satisfying birth experience’ — Jennie Teskey, independent midwife and counsellor

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