Rhea Dempsey
Birthing Wisdom

What people say about my work

‘We felt that we got more out of Rhea’s course than all our antenatal classes combined’ — Tania & Jim

‘Best part of the workshop … the realness. When you shared the f-word you had me! Love, love, love-hearted it!!!’ — Jane.

‘I want to thank you for me, my partner and for our baby. What an eye-opening, exhilarating, challenging and inspiring workshop! I seriously believe that deciding to do your course was the best decision I’ve made in my life. Armed with this knowledge, with a greater understanding of the reality of normal physiological childbirth, I feel empowered going into my experience’ — Megan

‘I just wanted to thank you for the workshop. Sarah and I found it to be an amazingly positive experience. Your workshop is something I wish we had done before our first birth. What you have showed me as a birthing partner is the necessity to understand what is happening in birth. Explaining the sounds and physiological process. On a personal level, I want to thank you for what turned out to be an absolutely life-changing experience’ — Adam

‘I am so grateful that I was able to attend your birthing workshop with my daughter and her partner. I had the privilege of being present for the labour and birth. It was an incredible experience. Attending your workshop meant we knew what we each expected and knew our roles and were able to work out a strategy which thankfully averted the drip — how easily that could have happened. Thank you for your words of wisdom, advice, and realistic preparation, which contributed to this experience. Highly recommend your workshop, for all attending the birth; it helps with discussions, defining of roles and expectations’ — Grandmother of Rose

‘I had been emotionally traumatised following the birth of my son and while I was happy to be pregnant again, I was overwhelmed with fear about the birth of my second child. Rhea was recommended to me by both my maternal child health nurse and my midwife. I found the debriefing/counselling session very helpful. As well as reassuring me that my reaction was common and talking me through my memories in order to gain some clarity on my fears, most importantly, I felt that Rhea helped me to do some thinking in my own time, which enabled me to come up with a plan to stay calm and relaxed during the labour and birth of my second son’ — Catherine

‘Neil and I are so thankful for the time you shared with us to do our birth debrief. It has had an amazing impact, more than we could ever have imagined or expected. So much so that we talk about it frequently still!’ — Karen & Neil

‘The debriefing we did helped me surrender this time. I sang the song of the cervix through every contraction. This labour healed the last one’ — Kimberly

‘In my work, as an experienced birth centre midwife, I have regarded Rhea as a valuable resource and recommended her services to women for independent advice and counselling’ — Sue, midwife

‘Rhea my heroine, champion of feminine strength … … I’m blown away by all you gave and by how totally amazing this little wonder bundle is’ — Alexandra

‘I absolutely know that you really helped me to find the keys to so many doors within. … not many people these days know where these ancient birth keys are kept’ — Tania

‘When I most needed to be loved and cared for, affirmed and empowered … You, in your gentle way, prodded and poked me into realizing certain parts of my womanhood; into stepping out and unfolding — birthing my baby and myself’ — Talia

‘My clients who work with Rhea are better prepared for the challenges of labour. And those who have her attend their births get to experience her unique presence. Rhea’s wisdom and intuition, derived from decades of support, provides tools to empower, resulting in a satisfying birth experience’ — Jennie Teskey, independent midwife and counsellor