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Phone: 0402 840 678
Email: julie.tenner@naturopathicbirth.com.au
Website: www.naturopathicbirth.com.au


Naturopath, Birth Attendant and Doula – natural and holistic care for pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

I offer birth support, birth education and postnatal care to women around Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.  I attend a range of births including hospital, birth centre and home.

My aim is to provide information and support to help you and your partner achieve an empowered, meaningful birth experience and a safe, loving welcome for your baby.

Together we will develop your physical resources for labour and birth and explore the emotional and psychological aspects that may impact your birthing journey.

I am an experienced Naturopath, Independent Childbirth Educator, Birth Attendant (trained with Rhea Dempsey), Doula (with a passion for post-natal care), Natural Parenting Playgroup Coordinator and devoted mother of two children.

Previously I owned and consulted at a private Naturopathic practice specialising in paediatrics and continue to lecture in Naturopathy at the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine.

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Baby Hannah, Oct 2009 – “Julie was the guardian angel of our birth experience. She guided us through the options to create our ideal birth plan, and inspired us with the confidence that we could stick to it! Julie provided us with the tools and resources we needed to make decisions on various aspects of the birth and was always supportive of our choices. She was always available to talk us through any issues, questions or doubts, no matter how trivial.
Julie has a fabulous energy that makes everyone around her feel nurtured and valued. We hadn’t realised until we were in the midst of it, just how hard it is to achieve a normal physiological birth in a hospital setting, but Julie charmed the hospital staff with her diplomacy and confidence, leaving us to get on with the labour according to our plan. Even the midwives were impressed!
Julie has continued to offer guidance and act as a sounding-board since the birth of Hannah, and she has a wonderful knack of helping us to see the positive in every situation and to trust in the parenting choices we have made, invaluable in those sleep-deprived days when you doubt your mothering instinct!
Julie helped make the birth of Hannah a beautiful experience, and we can’t praise her enough for her calmness, her endless energy, and her ability to make everyone feel great”.

Baby Michael, May 2008 – “I am extremely grateful that Julie was with me during the birth of my baby and I would highly recommend Julie as a Birth Attendant and Doula. It was so reassuring to have Julie present during my labour as she was calm, helpful and supportive in so many ways.
Julie supported me emotionally by knowing just the right words to say to me when my labour challenged me beyond my expectations. She supported me physically by letting me squeeze her hands really tight during my contractions and by suggesting a change of position when I needed to move but just couldn’t think clearly enough to initiate it. Julie also supported me in so many practical ways by taking fantastic photos and video footage during the birth and nurturing me during my pregnancy, birth and in the postnatal period.
Julie made me feel like I was the most amazing, powerful and beautiful woman in the world the night I gave birth to my baby boy and I wouldn’t consider giving birth again unless I had Julie by my side”.

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